Consuming sushi may increase your risk of foodborne illness, mainly if you have certain medical conditions.

spicy   Hot & Spicy


(Served with Rice or Fried Rice)
C1. Sweet & Sour Chicken 5.99
C2. Chicken with Broccoli 5.99
C3. Chicken Cashew Nuts
Cashews, celery, waterchestnuts, carrot
C4. Sesame Chicken 5.99
C5. Honey Chicken 5.99
spicy C6. Hunan Chicken
Carrots and broccoli
spicy C7. Kung Pao Chicken
Peanut, celery, waterchestnuts, carrot
spicy C8. General Tso’s Chicken 5.99
spicy C9. Orange Chicken 5.99
spicy C10. Spicy Crispy Chicken 5.99
spicy C11. Thai Curry Chicken
Green peas, carrots, onion, green pepper, waterchestnuts, celery
spicy C12. Black Pepper Ginger Chicken
Broccoli, onion, carrots, celery, sweet ginger

* All Price Subject To Change Without Notice